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  1. nanand says:

    Hi Hidit,
    I loved this take on the challenge , you make some great points too. I think this could be the start to a rather fabulous story. Remember proper nouns need capitals

    Mrs M

  2. Team Gaelscoil Chilldara says:

    Hi Hidit,
    Wow this was a real sit back and think about what you have just read 100WC.
    What a great use of the prompt to give a voice to the animals that live on our planet with us, maybe the humans should have attended the speech and listened attentively to what the elephant had to say.
    You also had a lot of facts included in your 100WC challenge which added to the sense of seriousness of the speech’s topic.
    An attention grabbing, thoughtful piece of writing. Well done Hidit.

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