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  1. nanand says:

    Hi Hidit,

    Thank you for publishing your writing onto our blog. You used some fantastic descriptive vocabulary to help me get a picture in my mind. Remember if you use the indefinite article ( a or an) it needs to be followed by a noun ( calm not calmness). I really want to know what happens next; this is something talented writers do.
    Well done
    Mrs Moore

    • hotth says:

      Dear Mrs Moore,
      Thank you for using your valuable time reading my 100 wc. I will remember to use all this feedback when I’m doing it next time. Thank you and best of luck.

  2. Cath (Team100, Melbourne, Australia) says:

    Hello Hidit, what a lovely descriptive story you have written. Your description of the moon (jasmine) was wonderful, I thought. I also liked how you gave me a clue that the story was going to change by using words like: eerie and spooky. The simile you used worked well too. Well done.

    • hotth says:

      Dear Cath,
      Thank you very much for the descriptive Feedback on my writing. I am very happy to have a reader from Australia, plus I would want to visit Australia someday.

  3. McBreezy Team 100 says:

    Thank you Hidit! I agree with the other comments. You use such vivid description. Your story is one in which you can listen to with your eyes shut and feel transported in to the story. Losing myself in a good story is one of my favorite things! Thank you for taking me on a quick journey!

    Sincerly, McBreezy Team 100, Los Angeles, California

    • hotth says:

      Dear McBreezy,
      I am a big fan of the Looney tunes and Hollywood movies. I am positively love your wonderful writing.

  4. Anoop Mundhra says:

    Hi Hidit, great reading your story and very nice use of vocabulary. Liked the wide ranged grammar usage which makes the story complete in all ways. Keep on writing more and hope to see you as a nice upcoming writer 🙂


  5. Danish says:

    Hi Hidit, almost felt like i was suddenly living the fear. Good use of words and excellent narration. Just keep writing.

    • hotth says:

      Dear Bapi Dada,
      This part of your feedback made me smile, ” Almost felt like i was suddenly living the fear,”. Thank you for saying, “Good use of words and excellent narration.”.

  6. Pradeep says:

    Hi Hidit,

    Thank you for letting me go through your treasure of thoughts. I always like to read such a story where it increases my anxiety to read more. I am curious to know what happens next.

    Good job +1, just keep writing.

    • hotth says:

      Dear Mamu,
      Thank you for letting me go through your treasure of thoughts.I really find the feedback is nice.

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