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2 Responses to THE MESY RACOON

  1. Team Gaelscoil Chilldara says:

    Hi Surea,
    What a great 100WC, it all looked like things were turning up roses in your story, such a lucky child to have a new pet land in their lap, your character had such fun minding and playing with the raccoon, but then you wrote a great twist which changed the course of the story. I loved when your character woke up it was the smell that he/she noticed first, this made me smile and then when your character discovered the mess and the raccoon asleep under the chair, I smiled again, I could just visualize the scene. Your poor character got a big dose of reality!
    Great job.

  2. Cath (Team100, Melbourne, Australia) says:

    Hi! As I live in Australia I don’t know much about racoons but I did think they were smelly. Because of my lack of knowledge I really liked how you started your story talking about the racoon being cute, playful and happy. As well as this the main character was oblivious to the smell. Then, you introduced the chaos and the smell. I think your story provides a good message about animals and whether they are suitable as pets. I can just imagine the mess that would have been made and love the image of the racoon sleeping peacefully ignoring the mess he/she had made. Well done.

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